Ken Haller Celebrates his 60th Birthday with ‘Mama’s Boy’

By MARY EDWARDS • OCT 24, 2014

Ken Haller is a pediatrician in his day job.  But in his spare time, he is a cabaret singer.  Following the success of his previous shows “Side by Side by Sondheim” and “The TV Show,” Haller will celebrate his 60th birthday with “Mama’s Boy,” part of the Gaslight Cabaret Festival series.

“Cityscape” host Steve Potter began his conversation with Haller by asking him if he really was a mama’s boy. He responded, “Yes, I’m a mama’s boy.  I’m an Irish-Catholic kid from Long Island, and one of five kids. So in the show this is sort of a tribute to her.  It starts out with songs that she used to sing around the house, songs that remind me of her, and that’s sort of a springboard for all the rest.”

Potter gently suggested that being labeled a “mama’s boy” is typically a bad thing. Haller explained that he didn’t see it that way. “I learned a lot of lessons about how to take care of other people …

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